About CourtHive

CourtHive is an Open Source / Open Data initiative to develop applications for Tennis which are affordable (free), accessible (cross-platform with support for 30+ languages) and which promote the emergence of standards for the representation of data related to Tennis.

CourtHive applications enable Live Capture and Broadcast of Tennis Match Data. CourtHive TMX is a Tournament Management platform which saves tournament organizers time, enables referees to leave the office and “go mobile”, enhances the experience of players, families and fans with live publishing of scores and schedules, while increasing the visibility of sponsors.

CourtHive TMX

TMX Version 1.0 Documentation is online now.

CourtHive products are 100% free.

CourtHive offers bespoke development services in the event that organizations require unique features or wish to prioritize features which are not yet supported. CourtHive also offers web development services if organizations require help integrating CourtHive components (such as live scores or player match histories) with existing or new websites.



Tennis is an old sport, enjoyed by players of all ages, all over the world. It predates many other sports, yet lags far behind in terms of constructively and creatively using data to support the game. Tennis is a “fragmented, decentralized landscape”; as an individual sport there is less incentive for investment.

TOSS - Tennis Open Software Standards

CourtHive is designed to insure that organizations and individuals retain control of their own data and are well positioned to leverage that data in the pursuit of organizational and player development.

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Live Scores
Live Scores

Scores, Schedules, and Draws instantly online

Themeable mobile-friendly client enhances the experience of officials, players, and spectators while increasing the visibility of sponsors.

Tournaments run more smoothly with real-time schedule and scoring updates {and soon... notifications}.

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Match Tracking
Mobile Tracker

Live Broadcast, Statistics Visualizations

Tracking... simple (points only) or advanced (shots, rallies, errors).

Game Tree

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