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Open Source Tennis

CourtHive is an Open Source / Open Data initiative to develop applications for Tennis which are affordable, accessible, and which promote the emergence of standards for the representation of data related to tennis.

CourtHive hosts a number of applications. At present these include:

  • CourtHive/TMX - a Tournament Management application specifically for tennis
  • CourtHive/Live - a client for viewing tournament schedules, draws and live scores
  • CourtHive/Mobile - a mobile application for tracking tennis matches
  • CourtHive Scores - a private client app to share with friends/family who want to view point-by-point detail of matches which are being broadcast live

Significant portions of CourtHive projects are now or will soon be available on GitHub TennisVisuals and CourtHive.

Tournament Management

CourtHive/TMX is an open platform for Tennis Tournament Management; it is implemented as a Progressive Web App and runs in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox, even when there is no internet connection.

TMX is designed to work standalone or to integrate with existing player registration, rating and ranking systems.

Eyes On Court

Part of the vision of the CourtHive ecosystem is that anyone who is present at a tennis event can contribute in some way to enhancing the tournament experience.

CourtHive/Mobile was an early experiment in live broadcasting of a single tennis match and has recently been integrated with CourtHive/TMX and CourtHive/Live. It is now possible to delegate matches from CourtHive/TMX directly to CourtHive/Mobile, and for point-by-point scores to appear directly on CourtHive/Live as well as in the tournament organizer’s console in CourtHive/TMX.

Crowdsourced scoring (with geofencing) can enable more efficient scheduling.

The Mobile Referee capabilities of CourtHive/TMX are also intended to allow tournament managers and referees to spend less time in their offices and more time court side.