Configuration Keys
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Keys come in two basic varieties:

  • Configuration keys: Used to change default settings, restrict which components are available for use and control specific behaviors such as how draws are to be seeded, how points are awarded for rank list generation, and whether remote services are available for tournament calendars and registration. Organization keys are a specific type of configuration key, as are language mappings.
  • Authorization Keys: Generated by Organization Administrators to authorize tournament directors/organizers/referees for live publishing of Player Lists, Draws, and Schedules. These keys are single use and expire if not used in 24 hours.

Both types of keys are entered using the Keys Dialogue, which is accessed by clicking on the Keys Icon from the Home page.

Enter Configuration Key
Enter Configuration Key

Keys can determine defaults for end-user settings as well as encode organization-specific regulations with respect to how tournament draws may be created and how data may be exchanged with other systems. Keys can also enable or disable features of the system and differentiate roles within an organization, such as Referee or Administrator.

Features Configured by Keys


  • Player Database Functions
  • Tournament Database Functions
  • Club Database Functions
  • Rank List Calculation
  • Delegation to Mobile Devices

System Services

  • Remote Data Sources

Organization Attributes

  • Organization Name, Logo, Abbreviation
  • Organization Sponsor Media
  • Default Scoring Formats
  • Point Tables
  • Player Categories
  • Seeding Thresholds
  • Allow/Disallow Automated Draws

Administrator Functions

  • Authorization Key Generation for Publishing

System Reset

  • Reset CourtHive/TMX to its initial state