Simple to use, anywhere!

CourtHive/TMX is a cross-platform, browser-based Tournament Management system which runs in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox (rumored to run in Microsoft Edge), even when there is no internet connection.

CourtHive Desktop
CourtHive is designed to be elegant, uncluttered, and to provide a context-sensitive workflow

It’s an Application, not a Website!

CourtHive/TMX looks like a website, but it is actually an application which runs in a browser and communicates with a server when an internet connection is available. This means that there are no network latency issues, and that organizers can perform any or all management functions, including printing PDFs of Draws and Schedules, when offline.

Built in Guided Tours (and Hints)

CourtHive/TMX has built-in context-sensitive tours available throughout the application.

TMX Tour
First time users are prompted to take the TMX Tour

The TMX Tour is always available from the Menu in the upper left corner.

TMX Tour
TMX Tour

TMX features

  • Configuration Keys: Customizable logos, draw formats, seeding parameters, point tables
  • Authorization Keys: Official and Unofficial publishing of tournament data to CourtHive/Live
  • Automatic or Manual Event Creation: Round Robin, Qualification, Elimination (including Compass and Staggered Entry), Consolation (including Feed-In)
  • Linked Events: Events can be linked such that players progress automatically from one event to the next
  • Dynamic Draws: Draws and player data automatically resize to fit the available screen real estate
  • Drag/Drop and Automatic Scheduling with visible conflict warnings
  • Instant Publishing: Schedules and Draws are available online immediately once created
  • Mobile Referee: Match Scoring, Scheduling and penalty assignment with mobile support
  • PDF Printing: Sign-in Sheets, Player Lists, Draws, and Schedules
  • Rank Lists: Generates Rank Lists for user-definable player categories
  • Data Import: Synchronize with remote data sources or Drag/Drop import of data files
  • Data Export: Tournament Calendars, Players, Matches, and Points in JSON or CSV/Excel formats