The purpose of this tutorial is to help you use TMX to build your first tournament draws as quickly as possible.

This tutorial includes the following:

  • entering a configuration key to enable the retrieval of ranked players
  • creating a tournament
  • adding players to the tournament
  • signing players into the tournament
  • creating a tournament event
  • approving players for a tournament event
  • creating a draw for a tournament event

Demonstration Video

This Screen recording captures all of the steps outlined in this Quick Start Tutorial.

Enter a Configuration Key

CourtHive can be configured to import ranked ATP/WTA/ITF players directly into a Tournament.

From the Home Page navigate to Key Entry by clicking on the Keys Icon


Enter “players” in the Configuration Key dialogue and press the Submit button.

Configuration Key

Nothing visible will happen when this key is entered, but the system will be configured with the appropriate parameters for retrieving rank lists for several player categories.

Create a Tournament

From the Home Page navigate to the Tournaments Calendar by clicking on the Tournaments Icon


The Tournaments Calendar page displays tournaments within a date range, optionally filtered by category.

To the right of the Category Filter is an Add Tournament Icon.

Tournament Filters
Tournament Filters

Clicking the Add Tournament Icon launches an Add Tournament dialogue.

Fields in Yellow are required before a new tournament can be added.

Add Tournament
Add Tournament
Tournament Added

Edit Tournament

Clicking on a tournament in the Tournaments Calendar will open a window which will initially display a Tournament Overview. Notice in the upper right-hand corner there is a Pencil Icon.

Tournament Overview

Click the Pencil Icon to enter Editing Mode.

Edit Mode
Additional Tabs appear in Editing Mode

Add Players

The Players Tab is where players can be added to a tournament and then signed-in to a tournament when they arrive on-site on the day when the tournament begins.

Players Tab
Tournament Players Tab

Since we have configured TMX to retrieve Ranked Players from a variety of sources, clicking the Refresh icon on the far right will present the options available for player import.

Player Import
Select Players to Import

The ATP, WTA, and ITF buttons import players from current ranking lists published by the respective organizations. The “Load Players” button allows you to import a spreadsheet of players using an Excel XLSX file. You can use the TMX template or UTR Ratings Lists which can be generated here… if you have an account.

For this tutorial, click on the ATP option.

ATP Players
Ranked ATP Players

Players

Before players can be added to Tournament Events, they must be Signed In. Players can be signed in two ways: Using the Search Box at the top of the screen, or by Clicking on a player’s name.

For the purposes of this tutorial, simply click on the first 8 players to sign them in to the tournament.

Signed In
Signed In Players

Add an Event

Now you can switch to the Events Tab by clicking the tab.

Add your first event by clicking the Add Event button. You will see the 8 players who are signed in as Eligible for the event, as long as they meet the criteria set by the Gender and Category filters.

Tournament Event
Adding a New Event to the tournament

Players can be approved for the event in four ways:

  • Clicking on a player’s name
  • Context Clicking on a players’ name to approve as a wildcard
  • Clicking the + icon on the right side of the Eligible area (adds all players)
  • Searching for a player in the Searchbox (only after the tournament has been saved)

Once you have approved all 8 players, press Save Event and then the Automated Draw icon.


Once the event is saved a Draws Tab will appear.

If you have pressed the Automated Draw icon, then a Matches Tab will also appear.

Tournament Event
Event Saved, Automated Draw

Viewing the Draw

Now you can switch to the Draws Tab by clicking the tab.

Event Draw
Elimination Event Draw

You are now ready to Add Scores and Print PDFs.

You can create as many events as you wish: round robins, compass draws, staggered entry draws, doubles draws.

You can also link qualification draws to main draws and consolation draws to main draws to see how players progress from event to event.

You can also add WTA or ITF players to this tournament to create Female and Mixed Gender events.

Have Fun!