The CourtHive/TMX search box can be used to search for Players, Tournaments, or Clubs.

The icon to the right of the search box is dependent on the mode of the search box and displays the number of Players, Tournaments, or Clubs that have been saved to the local database.

Player Search
Player Search Mode

The default behavior of the search box is to find players, and the default search order is First Name / Last Name. You can temporarily change the search order by Right or Control Clicking in the search box.

The default behavior may be changed via the Settings Dialogue.

Search Order
Right or Control Click to change Search Order

When editing a tournament the search box can change its behavior. During Player Sign-In it is used to Add players who are not previously registered, or to Sign-In (and Sign-out) registered players. When creating events, the search box is used to Approve players and to build doubles teams.

More information about these search box behaviors can be found in the corresponding sections of the documentation.

Search Mode

Clicking on the Magnifying Glass in the search box changes the search mode.

Tournament Search
Tournament Search Mode

The Search Box behavior will change while performing certain operations.

  • When Adding players to a tournament, only players valid for a chosen age category will be found
  • When Approving players for Tournament Events, only players eligilble for an event will be found
Add Player
Add Player