Configure Your Browser

CourtHive/TMX is implemented as a Progressive Web App, which means that after it is opened in your browser for the first time, it can be launched even when the internet is disconnected… provided that your browser supports Service Workers.

Some browsers, such as Firefox, disable Service Workers when cookies are disabled. To use all of the features of CourtHive/TMX you should allow cookies (even thought CourtHive/TMX doesn’t make use of cookies).

Check Your Default Settings

From the Home Screen, click on the settings icon to configure your preferences.

Settings Tabs

If you have been given a Configuration Key some settings may have been configured for you and may be unavailable (such as Organization).

Organization Settings

Logos: If you haven’t entered an Organization Key then you have the opportunity to upload logos which will appear at the top of Player Lists, Draw Sheets and Schedules.

General Settings

Week Starts Monday: Changes the behavior of pop-up calendars which enable date selection for tournaments and players Documentation Links: Enables context-sensitive documentation links throughout CourtHive/TMX

Search Settings

Last Name, First Name: Reverse the default order when typing names Diacritics: Search using Diacritics (accents above/below characters)

Draws Settings

Compressed Draw Formats: Whether to allow 12, 24, 48 draw sizes Automatic Bye Placement: De-select if you want to place Byes manually Fixed Bye Order: Do not place byes strictly by seeding (configurable by keys) Auto Separate Players By Country: In automating draw creation Auto Separate Players By Club: In automating draw creation Auto Separate Players By School: In automating draw creation

Draws Settings

LL from All Qualifying Rounds: Include losers from all rounds on LL sign up sheet Qualifying Consolation: Enable consolation draws to be created directly from qualification draws Consolation Alternates: Enable players to be added into a consolation draw even if they didn’t lose in a main draw Consolation Seeding: Seed players in Consolation Events (by GEM scores if configured by organization key) Restrict Seed Placement: Place seeds according to defaults or organization key settings. Unchecking this option enables seeds to be placed freely throughout a draw (to support the replication of irregular draws).

Country Flags Displayed: Display country flags alongside player names in online draws Match Times: Display match times to be displayed in online and PDF draws Match Dates: Display match dates to be displayed in online and PDF draws Court Details: Display scheduled court in online and PDF draws Matches Before Count: Display the number of incomplete matches on court prior to a given match

Publishing Settings

Require Confirmation: Do not publish without confirmation Publish when score entered: Immediate publishing to CourtHive/Live as scores are entered Publish as draw created: Publish a draw in real-time as players are placed

Printing Settings

Save PDFs: Save PDFs immediately instead of opening in a new browser tab. This is useful if your browser is blocking pop-ups and you don’t know how to enable pop-ups.

Schedule Settings

Scores in Draw Order: As opposed to Winner Score First Schedule Completed Matches: Show completed matches in Search when pulling matches into schedule cells

Custom Settings

Configuration Keys, which may include Organization Keys and Custom Keys are able to enable aspects of CourtHive/TMX which are not available in the Settings dialogues. If you have specific requirements please email [email protected] to see if the features you require are already available and can be enabled.