Action Icons

To the right of the Event Selector are several “Action Icons”

Tournament Draws Tab
  • Recycle Icon: regenerate the currently selected draw
  • Player Icon: identify player representatives who witness draw creation
  • PDF Icon: generate a PDF of the Player Draw Order, Completed Draw, or Lucky Loser Sign up sheet

Reganerating Draws

If for any reason a draw needs to be started from scratch, the Recycyle Icon will reset the draw to it’s initial state.

Player Representatives

The PLayer Icon launches a dialogue for identifying players who witness draw creation.

Player Representatives

Player representatives will appear at the bottom of PDF printouts of each draw.

Player Draw Order

If a draw has not been completed (all players placed), then the PDF Icon generates a PDF of the player draw order, which is a table of players orderd by their ranking.

This list is used for Manual Draw Creation and will not be generated if draw generation is Automated.

Draw Order
Draw Order

Elimination Draws

If draw generation is Automated then all players are placed automatically and draws are ready for Scoring.

Main Draw
Automated Draw

Swapping Positions, Alternates, Lucky Losers

Once a draw is complete, Context Clicking on a player presents available options.

Player Options

If a seeded player is swapped with an unseeded player, or replaced by an alternate or lucky loser then seeding information is removed.

Player Replacement

Manual Draw Creation

When draws are created manually, the 1st and 2nd seed are always placed automatically.

Other seeded players are placed in “Seed Groups”. The 3rd and 4th players are together in a seed group. The next group, if applicable, would be seeds 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Players may be placed in three ways:

  • Enterng a player’s Draw Order
  • Searching for a player by name
  • Selecting from a list of available players
Player Selection
Player Selection

The first two options are available when Clicking on a valid draw position:

Context Clicking on a valid draw position allows placement by selecting from a list of available players:

Seed Selection
Manual Seed Selection

Removing Players

Remove Player
Remove Player

Player are removed by Context Clicking on their name.

Round Robin Brackets

If draw generation is Automated then all players are placed automatically and draws are ready for Scoring.

Automatic Draw
Automatic Draw Generation

Manual Player Placement

When Round Robins are created manually, players are placed in the same way that they are placed in other draws, by clicking or Context Clicking on valid draw positions.

By default, two players are seeded for each bracket. This is a setting which can be altered by Configuration Keys.

Place Player
Valid Draw Position

Context Clicking is also used to remove players and replace them with alternates, when available.

Player Options
Player Options

Win Ratios

When scoring is complete, the Order (#) column is highlighted if players have equivalent Win Ratios.

Sub Order
Round Robin Sub Order

Context Click on cells in the +/- column to view a player’s Win Ratios.

Win Ratios
Win Ratios

Context Click on a highlighted cell to assign a “Sub Order”, which is used to determine the order in which players will be qualified from the bracket.

Sub Order
Sub Order Selection
Sub Order Defined
Sub Order Defined