The Players Tab is where tournament players are managed. Registered players may be synchronized with remote servers; additional players may be created, added from the local database or removed from the tournament; players may also be signed in or out of the tournament.

Tournament Players
Tournament Players

Once players have been added to a tournament other options appear…

Tournament Players
Additional Options

Synchronizing Registered Players


Remote Registration Systems

Organization Keys can configure CourtHive/TMX to retrieve players registered for tournaments from remote servers.

If an Organization Key has been entered, clicking on the Refresh Icon checks the remote server for newly registered players.

Context Clicking on the Refresh Icon replaces any existing list with an up-to-date list of registered players from the server.

Google Sheets

If a remote server has not been defined by an Organization Key then the players for a tournament may be synchronized with a Google Sheet. Click the Set Link icon to enter the website address (URL) of the sheet you wish to associate with a tournament.

Google Sheets for Tournament Registration may also be automatically generated by services such as JotForm.

Adding Players from Spreadsheet Files

When no remote registration system or google sheet has been defined, you can Load Players from the local filesystem.

Load Players
Load Players

The dialogue that appears allows you to drag/drop files or browse the local file system.

Load Data

Spreadsheet Template / UTR Ratings List

Players may be imported using the TMX Spreadsheet Template, or the UTR Ratings List export format.

When using the UTR Ratings List, players appearing on the Matched Players tab will automatically be imported into the tournament, along with their current ratings.

Adding Players from the Local Database

Add Player
Add Player

If there are players in the local player database they may be added to the tournament using the Search Box.

Add Player
Eligible Player Search

and Sign-Out

The simplest way to sign-in or sign-out players is to click on the player’s name.

Filtering Players

Gender Filters

In the upper right of the Players Tab there are gender filters which enable the player list to be filtered. These filters can be used when printing player lists or signing in players, since for many tournaments Male and Female players sign in at different times.

Gender Filters

Category Filter

The players list can be filtered by age and rating categories using the selector on the upper left of the tab.

Category Filter

Modifying Rankings and Ratings

Once players have been added to a tournament, a Rankings Icon appears to the right of the Category Filter. If player rankings or ratings need to be modified, click the Rankings Icon to enter edit mode.

Modify Rankings
Toggle Edit Mode
Edit Rankings
Edit Rankings

Ranking by Ratings

Clicking the Ratings Column Header presents the option to rank players by their ratings.

Edit Rankings
Edit Rankings


Player rankings can be modified either before or after players have been signed in.

Once players have been signed in, TMX checks to see whether there are players with equivalent rankings. If any players have equivalent rankings, an additional entry box appears next to those players’ rankings where a “subranking” may be entered to differentiate such players for seeding purposes.


Printing / PDFs

Generate PDF

If there are players registered for a tournament, a PDF Icon appears next to the Gender Filters.

Clicking the PDF Icon presents a choice of printing a Singles Sign-In Sheet, a Doubles Sign-In Sheet, or a Player List.


Publish Player List

If an Organization Key has been entered then there is the option of publishing a player list to

Player List
Publish or Unpublish

Editing, Identifying and Deleting Players

Context Clicking on a player presents a number of options for modifying player data.

Edit Player

Editing player attributes changes only instances where the player appears in the Tournament Record.

The Local Database is not affected.

Identify Player

Sometimes an incorrect player (perhaps the wrong birth year) is added to a tournament. The Identify Player option enables all instances of a player within a tournament to be replaced with the correct player record.

Identify Player & Merge

Retains existing player attributes which are not replaced by the master record when a player is Identified.

Delete Player

Players who have not been approved for any tournament events may be deleted.