The Teams Tab appears when editing a Team Tournament (Dual Matches).

Teams Tab

There are several ways to Add a new team:

  • Create New by entering only a team name
  • Load Players using a Player Spreadsheet from the local file system
  • Submit Key to retrieve a team list from the CourtHive Cloud Server
Add Team
Add Team

If no name is supplied then a new team is created with a default name of “New Team”.

“Load Players” is similar to Adding Players to the tournament from spreadsheet files, except that players in a spreadsheet are added to the current team as well as to the tournament.

“Submit Key” will load a team record which was previously shared to the CourtHive Cloud Server

Team Details
Team Details

Editing Team Name

To edit a Team Name, click on the team name in the detail panel.

When clicked the team name becomes editable (see above). Modifying the name and pressing Enter/Return accepts the change.

Adding Team Players

When editing a team, the Search Box recognizes the context and changes mode to “Add Team Player” so that searching for players adds them to the team.

Add Team Player
Add Team Player

Synchronizing Team Rosters


Team Rosters may be managed using Google Sheets, which makes it easy for team captains to make modifications from any device (laptops/mobiles).

The Refresh icon appears only after a link has been entered.

When a link is provided to a Google Sheets, team players cannot be added any other way.

Managing Team Players

Changing Player Order

Modify Rankings
Toggle Edit Mode

To change the order of players in a Team Roster, click the “Modify Rankings” icon. Once you are satisfied with the order, click the icon again and the players will be re-ordered.

Player Order
Edit Player Order

Team order is used to determine the selection order when constructing matches in Dual Events.

Deleting Players

Players may be deleted from a team by Context Clicking on their name.