Synchronizing Tournaments

When the Search Box is in Tournaments Mode, the number of tournaments in the calendar is displayed on the far right of the navigation bar. (See Using the Search Box to learn how to change the Search Box Mode).

Hovering over the Tournament Count displays a Refresh Icon. If CourtHive/TMX is configured to synchronize with an organization database, tournaments may be loaded from a remote server.

Tournament Search
Tournament Search Mode

Clicking the refresh icon requests new tournaments which occur after the last entry in the local calendar.

“Context Clicking” the refresh icon reloads the entire calendar from the server and adds any tournaments which may be missing from the local calendar.

Manually Adding Tournaments

To the right of the Tournament Category Filter is an Add Tournament Icon.

Add Tournament
Add Tournament

Clicking the Add Tournament Icon presents several options:

Add Tournament
Add Tournament Options

New Tournament

Clicking the “New Tournament” option presents a dialogue for entering information that is required by the calendar.

Fields in Yellow are required before a new tournament can be added.

Tournament Type may be either Standard or Dual Matches. For “Team Tournaments” select Dual Matches.

Add Tournament
Add Tournament

Once new tournament information has been submitted the tournament appears in the calendar view (unless the tournament dates fall outside of the Date Range defined by the From: and To: date selectors).

Tournament Added

Load by ID

Some organization keys allow tournaments to be pulled into TMX from a remote calendar.

Tournament Added

If your organization/federation maintains a database of tournaments on an existing server and this option is enabled, enter the tournament ID at the prompt.

Import Record

To import a JSON formatted tournament record that was previously exported, see Importing Local Data.

Deleting and Editing Tournaments

Tournament information (such as a tournament name) may edited and tournaments may be deleted by “Context Clicking” on any tournament. Clicking on the Date, Category, or Rank columns is the same as context clicking and allows these options to be accessed on Touch Devices.

Delete Tournament
Edit or Delete a Tournament

Choosing to edit a tournament launches the same dialogue used to Add a New Tournament, with all of the values filled in.