Release cycle

  • CourtHive/TMX is in continuous development with frequent releases.
  • The current “stable” version can always be found at
  • If your organization hosts a version of CourtHive/TMX, the release cycle may be defined by the organization.

Understanding the Version Number

The version number follows this pattern: Major.minor.added.changed.fixed

  • Every time a minor release is made, changed and fixed are reset to zero.
  • Every time a major release is made, added, changed, and fixed are reset to zero.
  • There will be only 9 minor releases within each major release.

Updating to the latest version

If your browser supports Service Workers, then a version of CourtHive/TMX is cached locally. When a new version is available, the Service Worker begins updating your cache after you refresh your browser. The Home and Menu icons turn yellow to indicate that a new version is available.


Click on the Home/Menu icon and select Messages from the menu.


Old and New Versions